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1 BNB = 6000 Pon Token

ICO Sale Live

Airdrop Proof ICO

1 BNB = 6000 Pon Token

#1 NFT

Total Supply : 10,00,000

Token Symbol : Pon

Token Name : Pool Network

Decimal : 18

Pon Token is Listing on Pancakeswap after ICO Sale. ICO price is 0.05$  & Listing Price is 0.10$. All Pon Lover are wellcome no minimum buy Limits you can buy Pon with 0.005 BNB also.We Create History with Pool Network. Total Supply is 1 Million Token only. Our target is with in 1 month Pon Token hit 1$ to 10$ easily. Due to voltality market we put Liquidity with BUSD it will help Pon Token stable at bear market.

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